Monday, December 22, 2014

Weekend Jaunt to BC

Went with my family for a weekend get-away to Vancouver BC to start out the holiday season.
Walking around Chinatown on a beautiful December; going into small unique shops; we ended up at Bestie for lunch.   It is a funky cafe that specialize in wonderful German style sausage dishes.
I couldn't pass up sketching my meal before digging in!  

 The view out the window and across the street was this wonderful Chinese inspired building.  I loved the large red Chinese lanterns that hung on the balconies at each floor.  It was only a 24 hour stay, but we all enjoyed going to visit our friends to the north in BC.  Look forward to the next opportunity to visit.

Gage Academy Drawing Jam

I enjoyed spending part of my Saturday at the Gage Academy (a school for the arts on Seattle's Capitol Hill) at their annual Drawing Jam.  They open the academy to the public for a $10 donation and you get access to the studios with a variety of models to draw and paint. This gave me a chance to work on drawing people, which I always struggle to draw.  I actually liked drawing the other artist as they drew and painted the models.  Thanks Gage!