Sunday, August 30, 2015

Seattle Pacific University

These are sketches of Seattle Pacific University that I was commissioned to paint this summer.  I spent the week of August 10th at the campus looking for views that were interesting and that would tell some of the history of campus.  At the beginning of the week I went to campus in the mornings and painted into the early afternoon.  Each image took about two hours each; an hour to draw with ink and then an hour to paint with watercolors.  The biggest challenge is the shifting shadows and how to pick a moment to represent the shadows I wanted to pick.

This last one was done last winter for the naming ceremony of the new library addition.

Admiralty Lighthouse

Here are a few paintings and sketches that I have done of the Admiralty Bay Lighthouse that sits at Fort Casey, Whidbey Island.  The first few sketches were done on this last trip to the island.

The next one was done in 2012.

The last few were done a decade ago.

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Camp Casey Weekend

We spent the weekend at on of our favorite places in the world, Whidbey Island.  I painted and sketched a number of views at Camp Casey, an old World War I army camp with wonderful officer homes.  The camp has been owned by Seattle Pacific University for many years and used by many groups for retreats, camps or family gatherings.  Our family stayed in the Alumni House, the largest of the officer houses.  We have been here a number of times and I had sketches from years past.  I decided to post the new sketches and the older ones to share the full range of my archives.

Monday, August 24, 2015

North City Jazz Walk 2014 & 2015

Jazz Walk from last year... 

Shear Jazz Quintet @ North City Bistro

Entremundos Quarteto

Pearl Django

Jimmy Holden's Band


The 2015 North City Jazz Walk

 Janette West Quartet

Greta Matassa and Critical Mass Big Band under the stars!

Hot rhythms with Sonando @ the Bounty Coffee House