Saturday, July 27, 2013

Outings and Weekends

Since I haven't blogged for awhile, I thought I would share some sketches from the first half of 2013 when I have been out and about around Washington State.

In January to celebrate my mothers 87th birthday, I went with my family to Kalaloch and the ocean beach.

An outing in May we went to Leavenworth where I sketched in the main street with the bustle of tourist and their cars.

 My wife and I took a dinner picnic to Richmond Beach and watched the sun set over Puget Sound.

With my daughter at Western Washington University, I had a few chances to sketch on visits either while I waited or as a chance to explore the town of Bellingham and the old part called Fairhaven.

A walk through a local state park and then sat and sketched the old St Edwards Seminary buildings.

Recently my wife and I to celebrate our 27th anniversary, went to Camano Island to camp and we had this spectacular view of Puget Sound and Saratoga Passage from our camp site.

With the many crossings of Puget Sound I have had chances occasionally to sketch the view, but this time I had about 15 minutes to sketch the ferry in the dock at Kingston.  Then as I was one of the first to load I spent about 10 minutes sketching the view north up the peninsula before pulling away for our crossing of the sound.

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